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  • Name: As you maybe guessed from domain... Aleksi Räsänen
  • Birthday: 25th October, 1984
  • Living area: Vantaa, Uusimaa, Suomi Finland
  • Religion: Christian, Seventh Day Adventist
  • Current job: Application Specialist @ Yleisradio Oy
  • Own company: Deep Contrast Media
  • Email: aleksi.rasanen (at)
  • Hobbies:
    • Composing music (see
    • Photography and videography
    • Writing poems
    • Programming, scripting and other nerd stuff
    • Gaming on consoles and PC
  • Other interests:
    • Religions, faith and mythologies
    • Psychology and human behaviour
    • Socio-economical questions
    • Conspiracy theories and "another viewpoints" in general
    • Movies, sometimes (too rarely nowadays) books
    • Linux and Free Software, especially its philosphy and meaning for the world
    • Web 1.0 and other low level and/or old school nerdy computing
    • IRC!

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